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18/06/2010 02:34:37
Re: RM 1500 not entitled OT claim ( economy today?)

base on today economy, why that we still not be able to claim when reach 1500. that 1965 act are to long already. now sugar also expensive
that before only 20 cent at 1965 year..
Then working on Sunday and Public only replace only one day?
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KL Siew
18/06/2010 15:25:55
You may not be covered by the Employment Act, that does not mean you cannot get any extra for working overtime. If you don't extra, don't agree to work. When you are not covered by the EA, the one day replacement may be alright.
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23/06/2010 16:01:59
wat if the company want us so stay back for the overtime but no ot claims
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