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17/06/2010 11:33:41
Re: warning letter

sir, if If an employee is given a warning letter by the employer and the employee does not want to sign a warning letter from the employer. pls advise, tq
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KL Siew
17/06/2010 12:06:15
You cannot force him to sign. Make a note of the fact in the copy of the warning letter that he refused to acknowledge and file it in his personal record file.
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17/06/2010 12:11:19
Warning letter is issued from employer to employees when the employees is in wrong doing. It serve as a note to inform the employees for such doing and the next cause of action will be taken if the scenario is continue. It does not matter whether the employee is sign or not.
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21/06/2010 15:07:58
to the foreigner,, sometime they did not understand,, for this case "force" is needed
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