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Super Owl
16/06/2010 23:26:46
Re: Preganancy Law and Dismissal

I have a female member of staff who, until recently, performed excellently and as a result was promoted to the role of Project Manager in May on a salary of RM6,000 per month. She had been doing much of the role for the last year so was aware that it was an outstation job for much of the time. Within a month of accepting the role she informed me that she was pregnant. Three days later she told me that she has had a few problems that will limit her travel. It was agreed that she could travel by car and the company would provide a driver.

We have clients in Melaka and Singapore and, as we have an important meeting in Singapore, I suggested that she travel steadily to Melaka, meet with the client there, stay over night, then make the journey to Singapore. This seemed acceptable but she has just contacted me to say she is too tired to travel from Melaka to Singapore and will therefore not be attending the meeting.

I have asked her to speak to her doctor to give me some idea what she can and cannot do. We are being as supportive as possible but I am particularly frustrated as she is in the first few weeks of pregnancy and I suspect we will not see any work from our new Project Manager for the next 12 months.

At this stage I am not contemplating dismissal but it could come to it if things continue to deteriorate. Can any one advise what to do next?
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KL Siew
17/06/2010 12:01:10
Try to make the necessary adjustments to her work schedule especially during her early stage of pregnancy. Let her have a chance to get used to her pregnancy sickness. That's al I can comment since you asked.
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