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15/06/2010 17:29:37
Re: Gazetted Public Holiday

Dear KL Siew,

"You shall be entitled to all Gazetted Public Holidays observed by the Company" - we have this claused under the Employment Letter.

Is it compulsory for our company to declare any annoucement of additinal Public Holiday by the Government department from time to time such as the coming Malaysia day (Sept 16) , World Heritage (July 7) ?

Thank you.

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KL Siew
15/06/2010 19:43:25
Only holidays that have been gazetted and companies need not follow those suddenly declared for certain occasions unless they want to.
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16/06/2010 17:00:53
What about Sept 16 - Malaysia Day ? It has been declared by our PM as a public holiday. So the company should follow right?
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KL Siew
16/06/2010 19:45:29
Has Sept 16 - Malaysia Day been gazetted? Check with the Labour Department or the Information Department.
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23/06/2010 22:09:00
Checked with Labour Dept before that 16-Sept is gazetted public holiday. But till todate the emplyement act still no amend yet
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