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Sheerona Tan
15/06/2010 12:58:22
Re: Annual Leave after 2 yrs

Hi, If I join the company on 7 Apr 2008, confirmed after 3 months with 8 days of annual leave, should I get pro-rated annual leave of 10 days from July 2010 onwards? How do I calculate total leave for the year? Thank you.
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KL Siew
15/06/2010 15:02:49
You calculate like this:

7 Apr 2008 to 6th Apr 2009 you earned 8 days
7 Apr 2009 to 6th Apr 2010 you earned 8 days
So, if you have not taken any leave so far, you now can take up to total of 16 days from now on.
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