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14/06/2010 18:18:39
Re: Maternity leave to set off against notice period

Dear Mr Siew

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and would like to resign on 15 June 2010. Company policy is such that I have to give 3 months notice period.

i understand from other posts that the company can allow me to go on maternity leave but without pay. It this according to the Employment Act?

I thought maternity leave is a form of paid leave (which of course the employee must first be entitled to).

I'm just a bit confused as maternity leave is an entitlement and by right it should not matter whether I use it to knock off against my notice period - either way, I should still get paid for the entitlement.

please advise.

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KL Siew
14/06/2010 19:44:22
When you give notice of resignation you are supposed to work during the period. If you give notice of resignation to coincide with your maternity leave, which means you are not working during the period. As such you will have to pay indemnity in lieu notice and in your case, the employer may take your maternity allowance as indemnity. If you don't want to forgo your maternity allowance, you can give notice after you have completed your maternity leave whereby you will have to work the 3 months.
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18/06/2010 10:05:07
Hi there, furhter to the question by UNSURE, i have been working for the company for almost two year, and i plan to quite my job after develivery of my child which my estimated delivery date is end of Oct'10.

What if i tender my resignation one month before my estimated delivery date? as i have fullfilled the 90days work and within 4 months being employed by my employers before my confinement.

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18/06/2010 10:07:22
for your information, i just need 1 month notice for resignation.
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