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14/06/2010 14:29:50
Re: whats the actual solution?

My staff sent me resignation letter on 31 may 2010, giving me one month notice to resign, which means he will stop after 30June 2010.

However, management decides to let him go earlier, which is on 12 June, and company had pay him whole month salary. Is there any problem? Thank you.
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14/06/2010 14:44:18
In my opinion, if the Management agree to release him from services earlier and pay him, that is the correct way/procedures. The Company owe him one month salary. The same goes to him if he refise to serve one month notice period. He is required to pay the Company one month salary. Kindly refer to his appointment letter.
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14/06/2010 14:49:43
actually this employee singed two years contract.. but company just release him like that.

As he gave us one month notice, means he work for one month till 30 june 2010, we pay him salary, that's all.

Now company release him but still pay him one month.
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15/06/2010 09:42:11
It's not a problem. since the company decided to let him go earlier than the actual last day of service.
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