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11/06/2010 10:30:48
Re: Probation - Benefits?!

May I ask during probation period, is it NO entitled for following benefits:

1)Annual Leave
2)Sick Leave
3)Sick Claim
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KL Siew
11/06/2010 16:42:00
1)Annual Leave - must complete 12 months service.
2)Sick Leave - Yes
3)Sick Claim - Up to the employer.
4)EPF - Yes.
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14/06/2010 09:53:07
Noted. Thanks, KL Siew.
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14/06/2010 11:42:05
Hi Siew,

further to the above. Q1: I understand that during probation, no annual leave to be enjoy by the staff but what if they have confirmed with service yet to complete 12 month. Can they enjoy annual leave?
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16/06/2010 19:07:06
hi cancer,
just share my understanding. its actually depend to your company policy. in the ea, it actually stated after completed the course of 12 months, you will be entitled.
but if your company say you can enjoy after probation means yes, if not, u have to complete the whole year lol.. BUT you will still have the leave with you. until u are resign, the total leave will be prorated until the current months. your employer also have the right to set the bring forward of annual leave..
please correct me if i am wrong..
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19/06/2010 15:06:17
Hi Siew,

Is it true that during probation period, we are not entitle to apply for unpaid leave unless it is a real emergency case?

On the other hand, is the probation period 3 months, standard throughout all companies in Malaysia?

Thanks. :)
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23/06/2010 09:16:17
If an employee (with 5months pregnant) is under probation and working less than 1 month, is she entitled 2 months maternity leave?

Is she entitled paid sick leave too?
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24/01/2011 23:24:58
can a probation take unpaid leave?
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