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19/01/2010 15:13:35
Re: Calculation of salary in lieu of leave

Hi Mr. Siew,

I resigned from my job recently after serving the required 3 months notice period.The management requested I served my notice period and not offset the notice period. My last working day is 31Dec09.

I have 23 days leave left ( 20 days annual and 3 days replacement leave). How to calculate the amount owed to me? My company uses the basic salary/26 days method.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
19/01/2010 15:56:53
If they want to pay for your leave balance, then use 26 to divide.
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19/01/2010 23:11:37
Thanks Mr. Siew.

For those that work on 5 day week, but uses the 26 divide calculation, is Saturday and Sunday included in the calculation or calculation is based on the remainder of annual leave / 26 * basic salary?
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KL Siew
20/01/2010 09:45:58
For 5 day week companies, some use 22 to divide. If you want to be sure, I suggest you consult the Labour Department whether it should be 26 or 22.
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28/01/2010 10:27:11
Hi, Im Ms. Kk...Im working for 8 years since aug 2002...My salary has been increased RM100 per year...Our management said that wages will be increased as 5% of current wages for every year..Is it true? How Many % of Wages could be increased for every year?
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