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10/06/2010 00:16:33
Re: OT for Manual work staff

I understand that staff who earn below RM1.5k is cover under EA 1955, those who earn above RM1.5k is not under EA. But if they involve in manual work even with a salary at RM5k is still cover /refer to EA. Is this comfirm? or they should cover under IR act? Further if they (staff with salary >RM1.5k but involve in manual work) claim OT, should the company pay them at the rate of 1.5 time as per EA or any rate that is agree by both the employee and employer will do? Please advise.

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KL Siew
10/06/2010 14:58:51
For manual workers, they are covered by the EA irrespective of the amount of salary they are getting. They are entitled to OT under the Act. Read up the First Schedule of the EA
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