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09/06/2010 13:27:01
Re: Company closed / change management

our company having a big financil problem, unable to pay staff salary on time, owing to EPF, PCB etc. If my boss sale the company as RM2 company to someone and new management come in which don't want to keep all of us, what we can do? my boss say he would not pay a single cent of compensation to the employees because the company is not belong to him anymore, once he sold as RM2 , the employee will not able to claim anything from him. He want us to resign ourself. Is he threaten the employees ?
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KL Siew
09/06/2010 16:31:12
You better approach the Labour Department first and ask for properly advice whether it is worthwhile to pursue the matter further.
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Wong FK
29/06/2010 09:53:49
I am closing my partnership business to start on my own. What the law says about compensation after giving my staff 3 months notice before termination?
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Best to get official advice, call now! Labour Office   EPF   SOCSO