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Mdm Lai
09/06/2010 11:36:17
Re: Please Help! Termination of foreign maid

I am frustrated with the agent and just want some action. I am not clear with the labour law regarding foreign maid. Please help.

My maid came in April through an agent, he told me that if I am not happy / or the maid cannot work accordingly than I can change within 3 months. The maid gone through all medical check up and works in my place. After 2 months the Fomema department sent me a letter stating that the maid has PTB and is not suitable to work and need to be sent home. I called up the agent and he told me to go for 2nd opinion, and I did. Those clinic under Fomema, told me don't waste your money and time this maid just has to be sent back. I went to other doctors they heard it is PTB immediately they told me to send her home. I told my agent and he said he will settle this in a week's time.
Well I waited, waited no news from the agent. I called and called he never wants to answers. Now its already 3 weeks and I am worried about my health and my mother's health as she is old and is always in contact with the maid.
I did not go to the agent's office as it is in another district and I gave to take leave to deal with him.

Please advise what can be done and what action a can take against this irresponsible agent.. Will I get back the money I paid to the agent.
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09/06/2010 12:40:49
I too have the same problem. But my agency immediate change the maid for us . But unfortunately the replacement maid work for 10days and run away. The agency refuse to settle with 2nd replacement. So we went to consumer court and get back half of our agency fees. If you read the agreement , the agency have to replace you if the maid is unhealthy. It is better to have written documents like write to the agency and fax to them that you have informed them before the 3 months trial period. They may now say its pass the 3 months and you have to pay some more money to get the replacement. But the new replacement's maid's medical fee and levy you have to pay again. Pls read the agreement carefully. If you have to take a day off to send her back to agency better do it soon as our family members health is more important. The more you delay to send back , high rise you have now, and more money to spend, you and your family need for medical check up.
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