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18/01/2010 21:07:53
Re: Domestic Inquiry

Hi there..

I am working in the hotel.
One day on my shift i was called to report myself to Human Resource Dept. When i reported myself there i was asked to follow the security personal to the security manager's office and was later asked to follow 3 policeman to the police station. None of the hotel personal told me what was the reason i have to follow them to the police station.

I only got to know why when i reached the police station. The police told me that one of my colleague reported of missing some currencies at her desk and suspected me of taking it which i did not.
I was held in the police lockup for a night to assist with investigation.

My concern is should the Management or Human Resource or my Head Department to do Domestic Inquiry before proceed to the police station.

Thank you

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KL Siew
19/01/2010 09:41:13
It looks like a criminal case to me. I think you should consult a lawyer if you think they have done you wrong.
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