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09/06/2010 11:11:38
Re: hospitalize

i am entitled for 18days paid sick leave. in february i undergo outpatient surgery and got 7 days of MC.
in may, i was hospitalize for 4 nights and got MC for 3 weeks. is my 2 weeks at home will be deducted from my 18 days of paid sick leave?
and if so, can i converted the remain leave to be unpaid leave instead of annual leave?
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KL Siew
09/06/2010 16:29:15
Yes, your 3 weeks MC at home will be deducted from the sick leave. Some will like to have their excess sick leave to be deducted from annual leave but in your case you like to do it the other way. Anyway, arrange with your employer the way you want. Normally, it is deducted from annual leave so that the take-home pay will not be reduced.
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ahmad sultan abdulla
22/08/2010 13:21:48
clarification, what if nad claims that 3 weeks as hospitalisation but to be rested at home. That would not affect his medical leave but could be deducted from hospitalisation leave? ( provided the doc could say he should be hospitalised but he wanted to be cared at home and also cheaper>>!)
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