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08/06/2010 13:54:24
Re: Work Late At Night

Most of our staff salary are above RM1500, if he/she work until 2am, can he/she came to office after 2.00pm?

However, in our administration rules, it has stated that:-
For those whoever work late after midnight in the morning, they are require to report to work after nine(9) hours rest for the day.
Is the above valid?
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KL Siew
08/06/2010 18:57:59
Since they are not covered by the Employment Act, they may to ask for better deals or benefits for working such odd hours. 9-hours rest is alright but what about working from 2pm to 2am, no extra at all? They have to ask for it, don't just keep quiet.
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09/06/2010 14:11:12
Thank you for your advise.

As most of staff can claim stay back allowance which is RM8.00 per hour. therefore, if we pay the staff as per below according to the above situation:-

Over Time: from 6.00pm to 2.00am
Came in at 11.00am to office after 9 hrs rest.
Stay Back Allowance can only claim from 6.00pm to 12.00am = 6hrs x RM8 =RM48.00
Is this reasonable?

Really need your advise. If this not reasonable, we shall request a better benefits from the management or refuse to work overnight.
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KL Siew
09/06/2010 16:15:52
Under the EA, the hourly overtime rate say for RM1000 salary will be (1000/26/8) x 1.5 = ?? Then, you can see whether your rate is reasonable or not.
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