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P R Chong
08/06/2010 00:39:14
Re: Termination of employment

Last year we found staff A using company resources for his own business and he was terminated. However at the same time, we found on ssm co reg that Staff B is the reg partner of Staff A but withdrew himself after the termination of staff A. Out of gratitude for his employment of 10 years with our co, Staff B was given a simple inquiry. He denied having taking part in Staff A's acts and had withdrawn himself. However, we recently found that Staff A is still sending information on his co products to staff B (which is a conflict with our co product) and also he was the person to contact upon arrival of goods for Staff's A products. Our co feels he is still involved this business which is the same trade of our co. How can we terminate him legally?
Since the termination of Staff A, Staff B has also occasionally try to influence other staff in our company to disobey company instructions and stir conflict between production staff and management staff. FYI, his designation is Production Supervisor. Please advice.
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KL Siew
08/06/2010 18:42:04
Well, you have to make up your mind whether to keep him or to let him go. If you think his service and experience are still valuable to the company, you may have to have heart to heart talk with him how to deal with the matter. If you think he has committed serious misconduct and you possess sufficient proof of it, you may have to hold a domestic inquiry and mete out the appropriate punishment as mentioned in Section 14 of the Employment Act.
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