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04/06/2010 09:57:28
Re: Hourly Wage - 8 hours or 9 hours division?


How would the hourly wage be calculated? Is the lunch hour included in the calculation and considered as part of the day's pay or not?
I believe that it should be because when we take a half day's leave, lunch hour is not included as we are only required to work 4 hours so we should be paid the days wage which is divided by 8 hours. Is there any labour law that states that or the company can choose to divide it by whatever figure they choose to which is 9 hours instead of 8?

Kindly advise.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
04/06/2010 16:40:47
For a monthly rated worker, the formula for hourly rate is (salary/26/8)
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08/06/2010 07:31:12
Is it written anywhere in labour law? If my company is currently dividing it by 9?
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