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18/01/2010 16:36:12
Re: No performance

I use to be Outlet managers that look after an outlet in KL city. I have been transfer into biz development department sometime back to identify potential area of expansion for my company and liaising with new partner into our company. However instill of doing above mention job scope I been assign by my boss to look after a collection center counter (10am to 6pm sometime even 10pm for the past five month) and unable to perform my assign duty. Just last week my boss was discussing with me about my performance as the new so call title ďbiz development exec as zero. NOTHING! You didnít contribute anything at all into bring new partner or business into the companyĒ. (There goes my yearly bonus) With this my boss give me a feeling that he donít need my service anymore but he donít want to fired me directly and try to make me quit myself or find some ridicules reason like this to fired me. By April 2010, a total of three full year I with this company.

So my question is this;
1. Can my boss terminate me under the reason of no performance at all?
2. Is this legal or not?
3. If he really fired me, who can I complaint to? What I can do?
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KL Siew
18/01/2010 20:19:02
You boss can terminate your service but you have the right to complain to the Industrial Relations Department. Since you don't enjoy a good working relationship with the boss, I think it is best to be prepared to start looking for greener pasture elsewhere.
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19/01/2010 12:40:31
ok.. thank you
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