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02/06/2010 16:26:52
Re: Calculate Monthly Salary

New employee commence on 03/05/10, she monthly pay is RM1,500. 5 working days. How much her pay for month of May 2010.

1) Full pay = RM1,500.00 ,
2) RM1500/31days x 29days = RM1,403.23 or
3) RM1500/22days x 21days= RM1,431.82
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KL Siew
02/06/2010 19:51:27
2) should be more accurate because RM1500/31days x 29days = RM1,403.23 and the remaining 2 days should then be 1500/31 x 2 = 96.77. Total comes to exactly 1500. Will 3) come to 1500 also? It does not matter which method as long as it is accurate.
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