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Jess Lin
01/06/2010 22:52:56
Re: Public Holidays

I am earning RM1200pm. Company gives 11 paid public holidays (incl the 4 compulsory ones). All listed on timetable.

But we are required to work on the other gazated public holidays which is not on company list (eg Deepavali, Vesak and Awal Muharam). Shuld we get extra pay for working on these 3 public holiday? it is gazatted public holidays after all.

Thank u!
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KL Siew
02/06/2010 09:47:41
You don't get extra for working those holidays. Those are just ordinary working days for you.
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Jess Lin
02/06/2010 12:01:29
Oh I see. Thank u again!
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08/06/2010 07:36:03
If it's considered OT on public holiday then you will get the additional pays.
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