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27/05/2010 12:24:13
Re: Camera in the Office

Dear Mr Siew
Would appreciate if you could advise if it is against the Labour Law in Malaysia if employer install cameras at the workplace of the staff?
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27/05/2010 15:27:41
I think it's against the law when cameras are installed in the toilet, but office is ok with cameras..I have them at my workplace too
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27/05/2010 19:53:48
There is no laws prohibited employer to install the CCTV for security and monitoring purposes but the installation would only creates uncomfortable working environment and therefore violated to the 'Privacy of employment' in which may affected industrial harmony.
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28/05/2010 12:34:31
Thanks for sharing, Joey and Kniz. I also heard that it is legal as long as the cameras are not hidden ones; which means the employees must be informed of the existence of the cameras.
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