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26/05/2010 09:29:20
Re: Annual leave

I worked as a part time consultant until I was asked to work full time at certain pay (above 3 K) with commission for sales. On letter of appointment I was given title executive but on name card and dealing with cleints I was given Manager title. When the Head resigned the new people insists that I use executive as the title even for cleints that I have been corresponding as Mgr. I have explained that this is agreed n consented by the last head but they insist on this and this make me lose face. Also I do not get EPF and annual leave. Is this legally right altho I clock in more than the usual 8 hours. I am allowed to claim medical like normal employees. Even their admin gets 14 days annual leave. it does not make sense...What action can I take
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KL Siew
26/05/2010 17:58:11
Since you have not been officially appointed as manager, I think you are still an executive based on the appointment letter. As far as EPF or SOCSO is concerned, you will have to consult those two organisations. As for other terms and conditions of service like annual leave, maternity leave and so on, you will have to negotiate and have them stated clearly in writing.
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