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25/05/2010 22:22:32
Re: Salary Scheme

Here come the scenario as below.

My sales number for the month is RM300K+, the basic salary I get should be RM4.5K, if my average margin less than 15%(T&C below), I suppose to get RM3.5K(drop one level). But my company just pay me RM3K, it's mean drop two level.

I tried to talk to management for this issue, their response is they changed Salary Scheme, due to my average margin is low.

1) When I signed the offer letter is based on the condition as below, now they changed the Salary Scheme, is it VALID without annoucement & my signature? (Verbally talk)

2) What should I do for next step?

Sales Per-Month Basic Salary
RM100K ~ RM150K RM2.5K
RM150K ~ RM200K RM3K
RM200K ~ RM300K RM3.5K
RM300K ~ RM400K RM4.5K

Terms & Conditions:
1) Average margin must not less than 15%
2) Average margin less than 15%, salary received will drop one level

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KL Siew
26/05/2010 08:51:35
In sales, it is quite common they set targets. I think it is the same in your case. When you reached a set target they would raise the target. They keep raising the bar and thus making difficult for you to jump over. I think there is nothing much you can do except to keep on negotiating with them.
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26/05/2010 20:47:46
Is it no way can go through Labour Law?
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KL Siew
27/05/2010 16:19:54
Why not consult the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department?
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