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25/05/2010 16:41:12
Re: Resignation entitlement annual leave

My entitlement for annual leave is 14 days per year. As I have serve complete 12 months in 2009 as a confirmed worker, I am entitle to use 14 days of annual leave for 2010. I've used 6.5 days which left me with 7.5 days AL balance. If I want to tender my resignation effective 31 May 2010 with a month notice, do I eligible to add the pro rate Annual Leave in 2010 ? which is around 5.8 days ( 5/12mths x 14 days). Can I used the total 7.5 + 5.8 days of my annual leave as part of my notice period? I'd prefer to leave as soon as possible!

Could you please clarify Section 60E (2A) too.

Thank you
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KL Siew
25/05/2010 20:04:22
You may use your leave to offset the notice period. But you better have it sorted out with your HR.
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