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25/05/2010 13:53:40
Re: Terminate a staff

Can I terminate a staff within 24 hrs/short period who create a lot of rumours & attitude problem in the office? What is the compensation should I pay?
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KL Siew
25/05/2010 19:56:29
You should pay:
1. Indemnity in lieu of notice based on the agreed notice period;
2. Termination benefits depending on years of service;
3. Any balance of annual leave.
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02/06/2010 11:17:08
Thanks for such a useful site- its certainly very helpful to many people.
For calculation of termination benefits, what is the definition of "wages"? Does it include fixed allowances and variable allowances- for eg, we pay a daily allowance for each day a person works- which is not payable when he/she is on leave /MC etc?
What about the variable target incentive which is based on company performance- do we need to include this to calculate "true per day wages" based on last 12 months actuals?

Thanks so much for your kind help!
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16/06/2010 19:57:17

I have been working in this company for 2 1/2 years, still sick and not able to work, suddenly I am being dismiss by the company, what compensation can I ask from the company I work ?
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