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24/05/2010 17:44:37
Re: Unionised Organisation & Non-Unionised Organisation

HI Mr Siew,
1) What is the diffential between Unionised & Non-unionised organisation?
2) what is purpose to set up an unionised organisation?
3) what is the benefits to employee & employer with the unionised organisaiton?
4) What are the criteria in order to form of unionised organisation?

Thank you!
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KL Siew
24/05/2010 18:26:19
1. An unionised organisation is a place of employment where there is a union representing the workforce while the latter has no union.
2. Simply put, the purpose is to look after the interests of the members.
3. Union may be able to help members to get better terms and conditions of service and the protection of the rights of the members.
3. It is not a simple process to form a union. Too long a story to tell here. Try to do some research by visiting the website of the Trade Unions Affairs Department of Malaysia.

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Union Problem
26/12/2010 17:58:27
Dear Mr Siew:

I have read the website but still feel it is very simple such like 7 worker can apply to register rhe union. Kindly share a bit in brief the criteria or difficulties to form the union? actually is my boss want HR to the the preventive action for the company workman to form the union. Kindly advise that very much appreciated. Thank you u help is very appreciated in where my company always have few worker also threaten my management that want to form a union that make my boss very unpleasant. So u advice and guildlines is very much appreciated.

Union headache
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