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21/05/2010 22:04:11
Re: Resignation & leaving things behind


I had resigned as a sales person. while i was serving the company some machines was loaned to me with black & white(where i need to sign to acknowledge i m loaning the items) to be used for product demonstration. I had sent back the machines before I left with proper documentation too. but there were some spare parts & accessories which was sent to me (to be given out as samples) without any proper documentations. when i left, i just left those 'off-the-record' things on my desk without any documentation of returning it. can my ex company play dirty & find away to accuse me of stealing or sue me?
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KL Siew
22/05/2010 10:53:18
Can't you just let the person in charge know that there are some items left behind instead of waiting to be found out?
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