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Kedai Emakku
21/05/2010 15:45:58
Re: Maternity Benefit/Protection

Dear sir,

I have some queries which need some clarification regarding maternity benefit i.e maternity leave.
the situation is like this, this female employee is an unconfirmed employee and currently she is pregnant and going to deliver in another two months. as far as i concern, under Employment Act, Section2 and First schedule define employee as any person with wages not more than RM1500. but her salary is more than Rm2000.
1) is she entitled to any maternity benefit?
2) is she covered by EA?
3)is there anything she can do if the employer refuse/decline in giving maternity leave?
4) does the employer bound in giving maternity leave to her who are an unconfirmed employee?
5) is there any option for the employer?
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KL Siew
22/05/2010 10:51:05
When a female employee is not covered by the Employment Act, it does not mean that she should not get maternity benefit. Law or no law, a considerate employer will not refuse to provide maternity benefit although there is nothing much she can do if her employer insists on not paying because she is not covered by the EA.
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