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21/05/2010 15:33:25
Re: contract

Dear Mr Siew,

I am preparing a contract for an employee. My question are:
1.She has never signed any contract with my company yet but she has increment recently. So, do I need to prepare 2 contarcts with similar content but different salary?
2. How about the sick leave and annual leave, should them be counted according to the contract date (Jan) or to the date when she sign it (June)?

Thanks a lot.
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KL Siew
21/05/2010 22:45:11
Give the employee a belated appointment letter backdate it to the date of his first joining the company stating clearly all the terms and conditions of employment like salary, working hours, leave/sick entitlement, public holidays etc etc. For subsequent confirmation/increase of salary, a brief memo will do.
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