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20/05/2010 13:16:27
Re: Medical Leave

I intially applied 2 weeks unpaid leave due to my family issue and it turns out only 3 days needed. Then I emailed to inform them that to return work after 3 days. Somehow on the last unpaid leave I fell and got head injuried. Therefore I have been signed off by doctor for 2 days medical leave,which i informed my company striaght away,then got a phone call from HR manager which I have no social with, saying she was at my house to visit me. At that time I was at my parents house due to injuries. The question is,
do the company has the right to check on me as I am a Head Of Department (Manager)? Where this has not been a practice. Do I have a case here? Please advise.
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KL Siew
20/05/2010 16:16:29
Yes, employers do that, quite often too. When one is say to be on sick leave, he or she better stay at home. Sure you feel slighted but they have the right to do that as they may say just to show their concern of your well being, not so much to check on you.
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