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15/01/2010 15:58:12
Re: MC


I would like to enquire as below:

1. how many days of MC entitlement for a staff who works 1 years & 9 mths as at 31/1/2010? should be 14 days or 18 days for this year entitlement?

As what I know, we shouldn't pro-rate the MC entitlement, right?

Appreciate for your reply. thanks a lot.
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KL Siew
15/01/2010 18:18:51
1. should be 14 days.

2. Should not be prorated.
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18/01/2010 10:18:07
Hi Siew,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
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18/01/2010 22:02:39
How many days for a full day kindergarten teacher is entitle ?
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22/01/2010 10:40:41

May I know if we have panel doctor, the staff didn't go to the panel doctor. They went to other doctor, It's necessary we have to accept the Medical Certificate from other clinic. Can we reject them? I found out that everyweek one of the staff will take MC, we want to stop them from abusing the benefit of MC. Therefore, we assigned a panel doctor and asked the doctor to control the MC. If the staff still go to other doctor to ask for MC, can we reject?
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