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blue collar
20/05/2010 09:52:42
Re: shift pattern

As per the employment act 1955, shift work is define as "work which by reason of its nature requires to be carried on continuously or continually, as the case may be, by two or more shifts"

My question is, by this definition can a shift pattern which does not overlap between 2 different shift group justifies the requirement of shift work?
Eg. first shift 0730 to 1700 second shift 1930 to 0500
In this example there is a gap of 2.5 hours.

What I know is if one shift group can meet the other incoming group then the definition is satisfied.
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KL Siew
20/05/2010 12:46:38
It may the nature of business or work of this particular place that requires shifts be carried out such a pattern as mentioned by you. I really don't see anything peculiar about that.
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