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19/05/2010 08:57:44
Re: Termination for being late to office three (3) times in a month.


Recently we received a memo on late employees. It was stated in the memo that whoever that comes late for a period of more than three (3) times shall be subjected to investigation subsequently prompting disciplinary actions or immediate termination without notice. We are asked to sign and acknowledge that we accept the terms and condition.

My question is, can the company terminate a staff if he/she comes in late for the 4th time in a month? What will be the consequences if they do that and how can the employees protect themselves from this loophole?

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19/05/2010 11:45:43
The memo from company is considered as a rules / regulation. But it doesn't mean that the company could simply terminate the service of employment without justification.

The industrial court decision is very clear in terminating the employee due to lateness and poor performance that is to take very slow action before terminate the employee.
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