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17/05/2010 17:12:00
Re: contract

Dear all,
When I read the employees act, it say that "not all employees are cover by the employment ACT 1955. So, a non-manual worker's salary exceeding RM1500 is one of them right? my question:
1. admin, clerk, accountant are consider non-manual workers, aren't they?
2. If they are not covered , do they still need to sign a contract? And what kind of contrat the employer need to prepare for them if not from ACT 1955?
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KL Siew
17/05/2010 20:41:36
1. Yes, you are right.
2. Better to sign a proper contract of employment stating all the terms and conditions like working hours, rest day, holidays, annual leave, sick leave, notice period for termination of contract of service and so on.
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