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K.K Chan
15/05/2010 10:55:16
Re: Minimum rest period

Dear Sir,
Please adv is there any minimum rest period stated in Malaysia Labour Law? For example, I got to work on overtime basis for operational requirement up to 0200am and I supposed to work on normal rostered hours at 0600am on the same day. And if i do report duty again at 0600am, should i been paid on overtime rate? Can i refuse to work at 0600am as I do need my rest period. After heavy duties up to 0200 am and its unfair for me to work again at 0600am.
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KL Siew
15/05/2010 11:07:22
I would advise you to read up Part 12 of the Employment Act, especially Sections 59, 60 and 60A to get the necessary info.
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