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14/05/2010 10:55:45
Re: sick leave but no mc

Hey , I would like to know if an employee is on sick leave but didn't have MC after that. Can he/she still consider to take a sick leave? (my opinion is cannot but we know that sometimes when we feel not very well, we just take some pain killer or just rest at home and didn't go and see the doctor, so there won't be any MC given,right?)

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KL Siew
14/05/2010 18:16:39
Since there was no MC, you may treat that day as annual leave or no pay.
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14/08/2010 14:16:21
if staff informed that he/she is sick but no mc obtained, does it warrant a warning letter ? staff already informed duty manager that he cant move due to heavy headache & he took pain killer & rest. staff informed on same day of sick leave.
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