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13/05/2010 16:35:19
Re: No anuual leave but long PH

Hey, I have few questions need to be solved:
1. Must a company prepare a contract for its staff (let's say just 2 employee)?
2. Since that there is no contract, do we still entitled 8/12days of annual leave?
(for above matter, if the company gives more than 10days of public holidays and if caculated all the holidays given it will be more than the normal annual leave + PH?Example: normally anuual leave + public holiday =12 + 10 =22days. But the company given holidays are more than 22days, must the company still need to provide anuual leave for its employees?)

Thanks for anyone who can helap.
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KL Siew
13/05/2010 17:01:40
1. Yes, as stated in the Employment Regulations.
2. Yes, they are still entitled to it under the Employment Act.
3. You can give more as you like but mention it clearly and separately how many days annual leave and how many days public holidays.
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