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13/01/2010 19:18:08
Re: Prayers

Is the muslim daily prayers covered under labour law.
We are giving 2 hrs to the employee to go every week for Friday prayers.
We are having only 8 muslim employees and they are requesting inbetween working hours for daily prayers.
Previously there is no such arrangement and we would like not to change it as the production line will be distruptted. Our total workforce is only 18 employees.
Is it against the labour law?
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KL Siew
13/01/2010 19:29:56
There is no such provision in the Employment Act. For such matter, I suggest to seek some advice from the Labour Department.
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Yvonne Sim Sim
24/06/2010 22:24:18
Right no such provision in the EA but against "undang ugama". The employees have right to compalint with their "islam dept".
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