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12/05/2010 16:57:18
Re: termination


An employer frwd email to his team on disciplinary action taken regards to his employee case without deleting his name in the first place(names are supposed to be deleted)

The case was widely spread to other companies as well, spreading through the email he forwarded earlier, which tarnished employee name, made him hard to find jobs. his fault was using hp on site.

1)Can the employee bring this matter to labour law regarding the employer defaming his reputation? which he should deleted employee name in the first place before cascading.
2)will labour law protects the employee?company is a multinational and well known.
3) how will labour law act towards the case?

thanks for opinion
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KL Siew
12/05/2010 17:38:37
If he is thinking of suing his employer for defamation, it will be better for him to consult a lawyer.
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