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11/05/2010 13:36:40
Re: Harassment of poor foreigner Employee’s

Dear KL Siew,
We are currently working in Malaysia for pas one year, but none of us is happy to work with current company… below is the inside of our problem.

• On June 2009, Company hired 9 employees from India (5 software Engineer and 4 Network Engineer).
• No contract signed before coming to Malaysia (This was our biggest mistake). Only email communication and in email they only mentioned Salary, contract period, Accommodation and transport.
• Company prepared contract letter mentioning, many conditioned which is not agreeable by any of the employee…which includes (payment of employment pass fees, if employee resigns below contract period or if employer terminates.. in other words in any condition we have to pay the employment pass amount(RM3100) (but we where new in this place and don’t know what to do)
• And notice period is set to 3months.
• On July 2009 last week, they asked us to submit our passport(given reason saying safe keeping after six month you will get back your passport), but we refused… but our CEO threatened us and sent mail saying… if any one refuses to submit the passport they will lodge a police complaint…so all of us submitted our passport….. once they got the passport… same day they terminated on employee and give only 24hr time for him to fly back India (and he has to pay the RM3100 to collect back his passport.. he did and went back to India).
• In August 2009 one of network engineer… he wanted to go back and he started dram saying he can’t eat and he was sick 2 weeks.. so company sent him back after collecting RM3100 from him….
• In same month on of our friends grand mother died it was Saturday and he wanted to go back for funeral… but our HR refuse to give passport and asked to pay upfront RM3100 in cash and collect you passport…he agreed but it was Saturday and Sunday.. and HR has to come office and give the passport… when he agreed to pay the money… she switch off here mobile.. and one reachable(our manager/admin ppl). It made everyone very angry.
• After the above incident returned our entire passport back in one week.
• Last month one of software engineer he went on holiday to India, but he never return and from their he said good bye to this company.(got to know from HR that he has been black listed and he can’t come back to Malaysia in future)
• Now company implemented new policy, that those who are going on holiday they have to deposit RM3100….
Our problem and need your suggestion.
• Because of dissatisfaction with company policies… our performance also not up to our abilities. (Which is not good for employer/employee both).
• We are getting job offers but no one is ready to accept the 3 month notice period
• If we are not giving notice period then company is blacklisting the employee.
• My question is how to come out from this situation.

And Thanks for the time and to read till last.
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KL Siew
11/05/2010 14:28:04
If you want my suggestions then I would suggest that you approach the Industrial Relations Department see whether they give you some help in solving the problems. Alternatively, you can approach your embassy for help.
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