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Jess Ong
09/05/2010 12:28:34
Re: 3 months pregnancy - worked more than 6 months

Dear Mr Siew,

Please refer to my post to you dated 7th May 2010.

1) What about if we terminate her contract of service without pay her maternity allowance, Is this against the law?

2) if we terminate her contract of service, can we advise her to claim the maternity allowance after her confinement?

3) It's that a necessary we pay her maternity allowance upon terminate her contract?

Till todate, she not even fulfill the half of our target, products that produced by her, almost half rejected. Even though when she requested to change to other section, we did transferred her to 3 section, a several training sessions been provided by different employees (supervisor, immediate superior, co-worker & etc.), yet still fail her job.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind advise.

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KL Siew
09/05/2010 18:17:02
So, you are now thinking twice about paying.
Actually, it is too early to talk about payment of maternity allowance because we don't know the date of termination and the date of her confinement as she is only 3 months pregnant. So, make up you mind about what you are going to do with her that is to either terminate her service by giving the necessary notice or payment in lieu or give her something which she can do.
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Jess Ong
09/05/2010 19:47:00
how about If we decide to terminate her with immediately effect?

Our "company hand book" stated probation period for this position is 24 hours notice. Thanks.
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KL Siew
09/05/2010 19:56:25
I can do that but she has the right to complain to the IR Department for wrongful dismissal and would like to get reinstated.
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