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lee mun hold
09/05/2010 12:18:54
Re: Help & advise Need

Good day to you,
my company just closed down last week,and i'm in the group which salary above Rm1500 < x < Rm5000. when they give me the termination letter,it state down only will pay 2month notice + annual leave.
it's ok for me if they follow the contract but the problem is the salary of the 2 month
notice employer said have to sold out all the property & land only can pay to us.
inside the letter not even mention a date line until when i can get it .so is it legal and follow labor law.

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KL Siew
09/05/2010 18:04:58
You better go to the Labour Department and try to lodge a claim for the two months salary and annual leave pay against the company first.
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lee mun hold
28/05/2010 05:51:34
1. i hear from friend's that in labor office they got 2 department 1 is for filing the claim for employee salary which below 1500 another is handling complaint case for employee which salary over 1500.
Is It ?
2. after my claim has been file,will labor office notice the employer and giving them a notice period of time to pay me the 2month notice salary back to me?
or the employer can just giving excuse and drag the time as long as they want.
3.Come to worse case,if i don't want to hire a lawyer.who can i turn to/ (Malaysia employee union association) or any other association which can help me put the case to the court with litter service charge or no charge at all?

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