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08/05/2010 14:44:14
Re: Sick leave

a confirmed staff (has been working for 10 years) is on medical sick leave for 60 days.. by the government hospital.. i just wanna ask does that leave considered unpaid leave or leave with pay?she only entiled 8 days leave per year
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KL Siew
08/05/2010 16:43:21
If that employee is not covered by the Employment Act (meaning she is an non manual worker and salary is over RM1500), then her sick leave entitlement will go according to what is stated in the contract of service.
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08/05/2010 16:45:58
60 days is medical leave in the event hospitalization is require. Of course the hospitalization leave will be under the full pay. Why yr company only provide 8 days ML for those who is been in employment with more than 5 years? EA 1955 provides 22 days ML for those more than 5 years in service.
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12/05/2010 10:33:55
our company offer 15days per year for sick leave. What if the employee is employed less than a year, their sick leave is still the same as 15days or will be prorated?
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