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08/05/2010 02:11:11
Re: Industrial Relations Advise - ANNOUNCEMENT

I'm a IR practitioner currently attached with a consulting/legal firm. I'm having about 15 yrs experience in handling IR/employment issues. Apart of my areas are as follows;

1. employee - employer disputes
2. Industrial Relations matters
3. Labour / employment issues
4. Union issues

I would like to extend my advise / opinion in this thread to assist the forumer members in respect to labour issues. Hope I could contribute or up date the forumer on latest Industrial Court award or any amendment of employment legislations.
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08/05/2010 07:51:48
Glad to hear that; i read this forum regularly to update and extending my knowledge in the HR matters. Will KL Siew still be on the forum?
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KL Siew
08/05/2010 09:42:18
Welcome aboard Kniz and Remus. The purpose of my creating this website is to share what I know with others. I hope both of you will do the same. Thanks.
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11/05/2010 15:08:42
I m so glad to hear that. Me too, read this forum regularly to update my HR knowledge.

Many thanks to KL Siew of creating this website and thanks to Kniz of willing to share his experience in HR matters.
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21/07/2010 11:29:31
I worked in company for 37 years without any contract,now aged 56.

Questions: Company offered new agreement said statutry retirement 55 year old , now offering contract on yearly basis renewal subject to board's decision.

Salary maintained but other benefits cut( not favourable to me).

Can I not going into this agreement and what shall i do?
Pls advise soonest !
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