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07/05/2010 16:22:08
Re: 3 month pregnancy - probation employees worked > 6mths

Dear Mr siew

We have a production operator, who joined us since 28 October 2009, company has extended her probation period twice due to poor attendance & performance (did not meet target & product reject a lot),

1) we extended her probation period from 28 January 2010 till 27 April 2010
2) 2nd extension of probation period from 28 April 2010 till 27 July 2010 due to she pregnant - 3 mths pregnancy), subsequently I get her to wrote a letter to promise us the good attendance & meet target as required by company.

Till todate, she not even fulfill the half of our target, products that produced by her, almost half rejected. Eventhough when she requested to change to other section, we did transfer her to 3 section, training been provided by a few employees, yet still fail

My question is can I terminate her contract with pay her the 2 months of maternity allowance? or terminate her contract without compensation?

Pls advise!

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KL Siew
07/05/2010 18:07:44
Since the probation period was extended up to 27 July, there is still plenty of time for her to improve herself, isn't it? Since you are willing to pay two months pay to terminate her service, why not discuss with her. She might accept, who knows?
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Jess Ong
09/05/2010 12:12:16
1) What about if we terminate her contract of service without pay her maternity allowance, Is this against the law?

2) if we terminate her contract of service, can we advise her to claim the maternity allowance after her confinement?

Thanks in advance for your advise!
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