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07/05/2010 13:54:32
Re: Contract staff convert to permanent staff

Hi Siew, i have no knowledge about the labour laws, therefore need your opinion here. My case is i joined one local bank on 23/3/2009 as mortgage consultant contract staff for 1 year. On early of March 2010, HR review my performance (hit over 150% of target), & through verbally confirmed i am successful converted into permanent staff, but so far i not yet get the confirmation offer letter from HR department, and i did not get my salary pay as well (Feb & March salary) till now, which salary+commission should pay on 22nd of the month. I checked with HR, they said might credited my lump sum 3 months salary+commission (feb, march, & april) on this coming 22nd of May.

My question is if this case, HR really have right to delay and hold my salary for 3 months in the process of converted me from contract staff to permanent? If there is confirmed no problems for my medical check and target. And, if HR deducted my income tax according the total of 3 months salary amount? Any advise? Thanks a lot.
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KL Siew
07/05/2010 15:27:46
That's quite odd. Keep pushing for the appointment letter for the permanent post. You should want to know all the terms and conditions of the offer.
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07/05/2010 21:43:45
Employer does not have a fundamental right to hold staff salary unless staff resign short notice. in the event your employer hold yr salary for to long, you could file a complaint to nearest labour office
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