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06/05/2010 23:40:36
Re: Public Holiday (Hari Satu Malaysia)

Would like to know "Hari Satu Malaysia" is a gazette public holiday under employment act as 4 public holidays which was National Day, Labour Day, Sultan's & Agong's Birthday"?
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KL Siew
07/05/2010 12:23:06
We don't know yet. There is no amendment to the Employment Act so far.
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08/05/2010 01:46:06
PH must at least 10 days. 4 dys is compulsory. Yr company may gazette the above holiday in addition of 6 days holiday. refer to Sec 60D(b) of EA 1955
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09/06/2010 09:49:58
Is there any leave for brother or sister that passed away.
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Yvonne Sim Sim
23/06/2010 22:46:42
Compassionate Leave for siblings depend to the company
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20/08/2010 14:47:38
Is the paid PH applicable to employees paid under daily wages? For example,
Daily wages = RM50/day
No. of working days = 26 days, yet 2 out of the 26 days are gazetted PH.
Shall we pay them RM50 x 26 days = RM1,300?
What if it's the 11th & 12th PH for that calendar year? If this is case, we only pay them RM50 x 24 days = RM1,200.
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