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06/05/2010 00:30:24

I had been servicing with this company for almost 5 years...lately i had better offered and i had tender the one month notice to the management. i did not sign any appoitment letter nor the comfrmation letter eventhough serviced with them for 5 years.. when i tender my resignation letter the manager told me that if i realy want to resign i will be given a day to stay and go off the following day..
i would like your valuable advice whether the management have the rights to terminate me in one day eventhough i had tender one month notice letter to them??
whereas i could be able to commence work for the new company after a month of notice to my previous employer.
My question are if my company countered offered me and ask me to sign a contract with them for one year, should i listen to them or they will definately ask me to leave on the folowing day after i tender my resignation.Pls advice and shall i get any compensation prior to their hasty action>>>?
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KL Siew
06/05/2010 09:31:36
Let them tell you in writing if they want you to leave the next day. If you just take their word for it and leave the next day, they may turn around to accuse you of leaving the employment without notice. Make up your own mind whether you want to accept their counter offer or to leave.
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06/05/2010 19:10:09
i got no choice then to accept their counter offer...but instead after a while the management asked me to sign an emplyment contract and according to them these is the proof of accepting the counter offer...
i did sign as they dont permit me to take back home or even consider...
i had no choice then to signed as if i just leave they dont pay me at all...what will be happen to my may expenses??? pls advise as in doubt..
the contract was effective frm 01/03/2010 to 01/03/2011, so if i reall want to leave wil they be able to sue me???
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KL Siew
06/05/2010 20:18:37
As you said, you got no choice but to accept it, then just let nature takes its course for better or for worse. Go to the Labour Department see what sort of advice they can give you.
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