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05/05/2010 20:49:37
Re: Pro-rated Salary


I just want to know what is the right way to calculate a staff salary since he only worked for 2 weeks in April. He's a new staff.

I was advised to calculate as such:-

13days/30days x RM2500

Is this correct? Is it stated anywhere in the Employment Act in regards to this? If so, which section?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
06/05/2010 09:16:36
You just use simple calculation. You can't find it in the EA.

Your method of calculation is correct. But one thing I am not sure is why two weeks = to 13 days and not 14 days?
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06/05/2010 10:19:51
Thanks for replying.

Ah the reason for putting 13 days is because he only worked for 13 days. Sorry forgot to mention that properly.

Because my problem now is that he is arguing that it should be 22 days rather than 30days because in a month there is only 22 working days and should not calculate the whole month including the weekends.

So I'm not sure if there is any ruling in regards to this.

Thanks for your time.
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KL Siew
06/05/2010 10:41:31
a. (2500/30) x 13 days = 1083.33

b. (2500/22) x 9 working days = 1022.72

Which one to choose?
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06/05/2010 10:47:52
I'm sorry I don't quite understand your calculations here.

The staff at the moment expects his salary to be calculated as

(2500/22) x 13 days = RM1477.27

instead of (a) which is the way I calculated at first.

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KL Siew
06/05/2010 11:06:15
In other words, if he were to work the whole month in April, he should be getting (salary/22) x 30 = 3490.00 instead of 2500?

You can cross check like this: If a person's salary per month is 2500:
1 April - 13 April = (salary/30) x 13 = 1083.33
14 April - 30 April = (salary/30) x 17 = 1416.66
Total 2500.00
Why is it so difficult to understand?
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