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Fan of Justice Bao
05/05/2010 02:09:57
Re: Suspension Letter come 1st or Warning Letter come 1st?

Dear Sir,

May I ask, which letter should be carry out 1st ( Suspension Letter or Warning Letter )..
What I mean, if the employee never done anything wrong and always report to his immediate superior by "verbally" but One day suddenly his work station been ambush and order to go for " Suspension 7 days with "Show Cause Letter".

Now, they found him innocent and already back to work 7 days but after 7days later the HR Dept issued him a warning letter not a reminder letter. It's the punishment too heavy?

And can the HR Dept back dated the letter of Suspension Letter and Warning Letter?

And also can the HR Dept use the old company letter head and name ?
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KL Siew
05/05/2010 08:33:56
Some employers have their own ways of doing things, rightly or wrongly. If you think the punishment is too heavy or unfair, that employee can always consult or complain to the Labour Department.
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